From the 1/43 garage……

Tired with the constant disappointment that is Matchbox, I have now turned my attention to 1/43 and am growing the garage steadily.

Not the greatest of photos, as I still cannot get to grips with the workings of an SLR, but they should give some idea…..

Will be posting additions as and when I get them – enjoy:

In order:

1. Mugen Fit (Ebbro)
3. Nissan Stagea 260RS (Hi-Story)
4. Nissan Cedric (J-Collection)
5. Peugeot 205 GTi (Norev)
6. Mugen S2000 (Ebbro)
7. Vauxhall 1.3 SR (Vanguards)
8. BMW 2000 Tii Touring (Minichamps)
9. Holden Commodore VB SL (Biante)



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