The garage is ever expanding……

ah, returning back “home” has some benefits……and another journey beckons
on Sunday…..

So for the meantime some new additions to the 1/43 garage.

1. IXO Toyota Crown Comfort, Singapore Taxi

2. Vanguards Ford Escort RS1600i

3. Vangaurds VW Golf GTi Mk1

4. Minichamps Porsche Cayenne GTS


1. I am very impressed with the level of detail that comes with this model –
decals are very accurate even down to the payment card stickers on the window.
However, one flaw with the model are the wheels –

They do not acccurately reflect wnhat I call the std Toyota Steel Radials as
per below –

If a little more care had been paid, the model would have been perfect. I am
thinking of getting the Hong Kong taxi version and swap the wheels over for
a more realistic look. I think that this will be a great conversion to do…….let’s
see if I can source one, and then will ‘blog’ my efforts.

2. Only 1800 of these RS1600i’s are to be produced – in my opinion, this is
one of the better Escort castings from the VA110xx range…..and captures the
spirit of this hot hatch very well

3. a good little model, and a welcome suprise to the Vanguards
range which was normally formed of British models. I am wondering if they will
produce a LHD version and dare even get the Pirelli verison with the infamous
P Wheels…….would also be nice to see this one in LHD Polizei livery

4. I got this for a ridiculous £8.99 in TK Maxx……my new alternative source
for 1/43…..very pleased with this one as it is the GTS model, and a Minichamp
to boot, coming the official Porsche collection.


So, two more additions await in Blighty – will review the castings when they
are safely landed in CH on next Weds.


One thought on “The garage is ever expanding……

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