1/43 Review: 1990 Subaru Legacy RS Mk1 (Vanguards).

With the recent wave of Vanguards that have been released, these can really be hit or miss in terms of casting and attention to detail. The Ford Cortina MkIII 2.0 GXL (Evergreen, VA10307) is a very good example of this, and now I am also getting anxious of the MkIV Cortina as well – especially with the wheel issue I have mentioned before.

With this casting, I am genuinely thrilled to have this in the collection. The Mica Black paint job takes a little getting used to at first, but what I like about this is that Corgi have got those gold wheels (Speedlines I believe…..) very right, and also the rear of the car with the square plate panel which is so typical of Japanese cars as well.

The body is in good proportion, and the interior is surprisingly detailed, and dare I say bordering in Minichamp territory……

This is one of the better castings of the recent era of Vanguards, and a welcome addition, capturing those models of significance prominence in the 1990s.



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