2011 Matchbox 1-75 – thoughts so far……

I have been thinking some time about the new 1-75 range for 2011. The models have just come out now, and the UK is amongst the first country that has received the first initial models. Of course, there are those on eBay who are also selling them with the usual “rare” and “hard to find” silliness, but there is no reason why now these models should not appear in a retailer near you. It has been noted that Asda are stocking the first batch.

So this is a good start. However, the main thing I love about the 2011 range is the new ROW blister packs – depicted by the short card, where as those in the US&A and Aussie get the long cards. The blisters now have that famous artwork on the front of the packaging, very much like how it used to be in the 70s and 80s when MB was at the height of its popularity. Each model for the 2011 will have its own artwork.

For me this is significant. When growing up, MB were available readily and the attraction that drew me to the shelves where the boxes that the models came in and the artwork on them. It was the same for the SuperKings as well. Today Tomica 1/64 give that same guilty pleasure, as I have mentioned in my last blog, and with the 2011 1-75 range I reckon that the range has come full circle from the initial evolution of the new branding in 2006 and the re-introduction of the lozenge logo.

The current batch of HW models also depict an artistic version of the model within the blister, but Ihave always found it a vulgar interpretation – bold and without style….and so does the tarted up 1-75’s in the Lesney Edition guise, which for some reason don’t really cuty the mustard. Maybe it was just a token effort to appease the collectors, but something was missing. Although this exercise for the 2011 range is pretty much the same, for some reason it just feels right – don’t ask why – collector’s hunch and gut…..

And the artwork is very, very good – it really makes me want to buy the whole range, just looking at the pictures! The models also seem to have a fair balance of Americana (well, yes, the Yanks demand it), and European and ROW models, so it mixes it up nicely. I have only seen pictures of the models, and not actually bought any yet (Switzerland will be the last place these models get released in!), so I can’t really comment on the castings…..but they look good. The odd groan here and there, but you can’t love everything. But from what is available depicted below: MB15 Pontiac Firebird Formula is a favourite already – more so for the fact that it reminds me of the legend that is MB4 Pontiac Firebird from the 1970’s. Also I think that the drug dealer Range Rover looks outrageous with the blacked out tyres, and the black bodywork. Bling Bling if ever I saw it – ya get me bruv, ya get me….(methinks someone has been listening to the Now Show and Marcus Bridgestock in El Segundo…)

I will give credit, where credit is due – well done Team MB – you re-ignited the heart strings, and I thank you.



4 thoughts on “2011 Matchbox 1-75 – thoughts so far……

  1. The UK members of the _ _ comedy house will be waiting and waiting and waiting and the usual will be saying not long now we are on batch abc from 1999.


  2. I dare you to post that in you know where,he would have a dicky fit.

    Also I think that the drug dealer Range Rover looks outrageous with the blacked out tyres, and the black bodywork. Bling Bling if ever I saw it – ya


  3. Love the new wheels though,credit where credit is due.Fine making them,not so good actually buying the blasted things in the UK and rest of europe.


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