Holiday Haul

I am quite gutted actually. As usual, all good things mut come to an end, and this applies to my time back in my second home of Australia. I fly back to Sydney (ugh!) today to meet back up with the Mrs, and then prepare for the hard yakka back to CH. But I will be comepletely gutted to leave Melbourne once again, and the wonderful friends that I have there. I really hope that we can come back very soon.

Anyway, traditionally for me, Melbourne has always been a good source of diecast. KMart, Target, Toyworld, Big W are all gret places to find models, along with the odd Coles here and there. So what about this trip then? Well, I have to say I have been a bit gutted with the variety – shelves were practically bear with stock with the main stuff being HW (buggers are everywhere!). MB seems to be in ‘da house’, but more of the last batch of 2010 models, and majority of stores are stocking the US&A long cards. Coles, Swan St, Richmond have some Euro short cards on the pegs.

And there are the other brands. In previous visits, there was an abundance to choose from. But sadly not this time. So along with the MB, a few HW selected, Maisto’s and for the office desk at work 1/64 Biante’s (Not V8 Supercards BTW….). Interesrting to note on the Biante front, the chap @ ModelMania in Elizabeth St said that they were hardly producing any 1/43 road models, due to a possible manufacturing issue in China. My friend Jono Crellin also said that Biante seem to have been burnt by producing 1/43’s but with no uptake. Hence the concentration on the 1/18 scale’s and thos ebloody great big V8 Supercar models.

OK, if you really want yet another variation on Garth Tander’s Holden or the latest FG Falcon, but at almost $200 a pop, can a collector really afford it??

So, alll the models are in the suitcase – most with the packaging removed to save space. When back in CH, I will blog about my latest additions with some pictures to boot. There are quite a few, so will be done over a few days.

Dave Tilley has also sent some re-freshed pictures for, so these will be uploaded as well in due course over the next couple of weeks.


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