Back ! Quick thoughts on the Holiday Haul

’twas the last day of the holiday Down Under, so my instinct told me to just give Myer dept store a last swizz before we packed up shop and headed home to Schweiz. As ever, it was an inspired decision.

The previous week, as per my last blog, the pickings were rather thin on the ground for what is traditionally a strong country for diecast within the high street. So I was delighted when I saw that Myer was full tongue brim of a first batch of 2011 1-75 models, and gladly cleaned up. Now, I am not at all in favour of the 1-100 numbering system. Despite what the mafia on the MCCH keep proclaiming (that they enjoy the choice and general other nonsense to keep Mattel sweet – can you imagine if Mattel didn’t support the MCCH convention – Curtis and Co would have a nervous breakdown) the 1-100 range is just a ploy to ensure that Mattel maximize their revenue opportunity as much as possible. Well, there are collectors out there who will but anything with the word Matchbox on it, so why not milk these individuals for all they are worth? Sorry, gone off on one again, so lets get the conversation back on track.

Ah, yes. I am not in favour of the 1-100 numbering system. However, with around 26 2011 releases to choose from, this was one of those moments where the phrase “Sod it” comes to mind and all sanity and rationality goes out of the window.

The Mrs simply sighed at the sight of a grown man getting all excited, and then questioned how one would get this little lot home. Normal methods would be to stick them in a post pack box and send them via sea mail back to the abode, but thank goodness for Emirates generous weight allowance meant that with some strategic packing and some of the other models being relieved of their packaging, the trusty suitcase accommodated them all.

What was turning out to be a rather arrid haul in terms of MB availability was saved by the last minute gut instinct and that Mattel and Australia continue to carry on the good work in getting the 1-75 range in that region.

I suspect that there will be some commentators that will be chomping at the bit to ensure that these models are within the collection within Australia, and I hope that the distribution finds it’s way to all states and territories of that great country.

The only thing I can say, and am still thoroughly pissed off about is that for love nor money, I still could not get MB2 Holden VE SS Ute (the model that a certain individual dismissed at the very inception as it was not seen on American roads…& who also “runs” MCCH). BUT through the power of friendship, my good collecting friend Jono C in VIC has a couple of spares so I hope that I can bag these ASAP before others do.

I will be still suffering a bit from racing over about 4 different timezones, so later on this month and into April, the blogs will really concentrate on my finds and thoughts on them.


2 thoughts on “Back ! Quick thoughts on the Holiday Haul

  1. I cannot find the Ute here either seems to have been scalped or bought by collectors.Ebay are not selling them at huge prices either but I am not paying the silly postal prices the rip merchants want.You question the herberts about postal postal prices and you get the usual reply,”it is not just the postal cost it is also my time to drive to the post Office”.

    Now listen here you are just a hobby seller,your time costs sod all you cretin,get a life you are not Richard Branson and I just move on to a decent postal charger,who on hell do they think they are.

    Anyway back to topic,glad you enjoyed your haul and look forward to pics and details about your finds.


  2. I did get a little stung with customs this time – however, blagged away some of the prices – no real harm done to the wallet in terms of damage.


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