Summary (sort of) the Holiday Haul

Here is a tip before I start – if you have strict customs and you bring back a massive haul, you may get stung for VAT/MSWT/GST. So, I would recommend buying whatever abroad, and posting them back to avoid any nasty surprises, and the receipts under separate cover. And if you do get caught – like I did on Sunday arvo – then blag how much they are worth. Custom Officers like to think that they are quite smart, but in the realms of diecast they are the equivalent of the Village Idiot. So be prepared, and be smart.

OK, so it is going to take me a wee while to snap the masses of diecast that I brought back from Down Under, but here is a quick summary of what I got:

• Matchbox 1-75 – end batch of 2010 and 26 new models from the 1-100 US&A range for 2011.

• 2x 2010 Lesney editions (albeit these were bought over a year ago, and I only just got them off Jono this time!)

• Maisto 1/64’s from the All Stars, Custom Shop and Pro Rodz range

• Hot Wheels – normal range

• Welly 1/43 Toyota Corolla

• Bburago 1/43 models – which I think that they were the last batch actually made in Italy!

• Shelby Collectible Cars

• 4x Biante 1/64 Road Cars (3x Falcon’s and a VZ SS Commodore) – unfortunately, being a tool, I dropped one of these, but the worst was a cracked case.

I am aiming to blog about these models all throughout April, so there will be a few posted reviewing my buys. I am quite pleased with the haul this time – although at one stage the MB 1-75 was looking quite bad. If only Europe had as much stock and choice, then I would not need to constantly look to buy them from other countries…..


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