The Holiday Haul : #1 – Odds and Sods – 1/87 Linfox Artic

This is not the type of model I would buy on a frequent basis. However, when in Rome….well, you know what I mean.


It is not the most elegant of models – in fact it is diecast (sorry. make that plastic moulding) at its very basic – and one could even go far as to call it crude. But I love the Linfox livery which I would class as the Aussie equivalent of Eddie Stobart in the UK.

Of course, Matchbox did do some Linfox liveries a while back but a branded model like this I think is now pretty hard to get hold of. Just have a look at eBay – bugger all there. Ultimately this model does the job and no more. At $5 I don’t think you are going to get rushes of parents going to Big W or Kmart to snap this one up. Without any working parts, there is no real “play” value at all. And if passed in to the hands of a child, I guarantee it would be in several pieces within a matter of minutes. The trailer coupling mechanism is as flimsy as Jonathan Woodgate’s fitness.

In terms of display value, it will just about hold up. This is not going to be making an appearance within my Aussie display as it is, but with some very careful masking and detailing, along with a bit of trim tidying, it would be fairly acceptable. As I have stated before, the main appeal about this model is the livery. MB, HW et al – you have nothing to worry about.


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