Tomica EU Poster/Catalogue.

These are the first steps, but it is really good to see Tomica?tomy trying to get a foothold into Europe.

Below are soem scans from the EU poster I picked up. Whilst the hardcore 1/64 range is not there, it gives a small flavour of what you can get hold of within Europe. The best one is the Honda Cars 4 pack, eps. with the 4-dr Civic Type R.

I hope Tomy do make the decision to introduce the 1/64 cars into Europe – it will really provide good and stiff oppostion to Mattel’s MB and HW – and may well give them a very good kick up the backside in terms of what can be achieved when you work with licensing.



One thought on “Tomica EU Poster/Catalogue.

  1. All I can say so far.Tru in Chester have placed these next to the Scalextric and Hornby stuff,why on earth they have not placed them in the diecast section is beyond me.I saw no interest in the product whilst there last week but let us hope they have been moving and just stocked back up.I have no interest myself in the plastic garages etc as they are just to toddler like but I would really welcome the individual vehicles if they decide to launch them apart from the tiny smattering they have put out so far.
    I would rather Tru stock Siku myself to teach the muppets from Mattel how to distribute stock on a successful basis.


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