Holiday Haul #2: 1/64 Maisto.

With the amount of models I get, unless I catalogue them religiously, I cannot remember what brands I have bought. There are some who insist on buying only one brand, refusing to acknowledge anything else exists (sad, but true). Then there are others that buy what they like – if they like they buy it.

Within my financial constraints, I fall into the latter category. If I like it, I buy it. The second part of my Holiday haul blog looks at the 1/64 Maisto models I picked up in Melbourne. Priced at around AU$5.99 (I got away with saying to the Numbnuts Excise Officer @ ZRH they cost around $2 each when he decided to go through EVERYTHING in the suitcase – as I mentioned before, they think they are smart, but are not all that….), these are what I consider premo diecast – and with that, comes the expectation of a higher standard of diecast model, akin to what Mattel tout as the Lesney range.

First thing to note about the models, is that they have a plastic base. Diecast models should really mean exactly that – cast from a die, and therefore metal bases, BUT costs these days dictate that this may not be the way forward, and possibly a 1/64 with a full metal base may cost slightly more (Well, Mattel managed to do the Lesney range for around $5…). But to be honest, I just have to let that one go, and not get hung up on it. The second thing then to note about these models is that the plastic bases are actually screwed on to the body of the model. An interesting way of doing things, which even gives the possibility of doing some customising, if the need arises. So a good thing.

The models I bought were from 3 different lines:

All Stars, Custom Shop & Pro Rodz.

The models that really stand out for me are the R35 GT-R, the R8 and the 911’s. The R35 is possibly one of the tidiest 3-inch versions of the car I have seen to date. Detail is very nicely done, and as with the other models sport “rubber” tyres which aides to the authenticity.


As with most of these types of models, there is sufficient room for a little more detailing that will enhance the overall stature of the model. The wheels look spot on and I love the touches like the GT-R badging on the side and the indicator lights being detailed. For a 1/64 model, this is a very good casting, and although will not make it into the display cabinet, it will be on show somewhere else.

The same applies to the Audi R8. The wheels – although as close to the actual car as possible, look a little bling-blingy, but does not detract from the model at all. A nice bit of tampo printing on the front, and the rear (not a bad effort with the reg plate at the back, and more to the point, it is a German one, rather than some random lettering like Matchbox tend to dish out these days). A little bit more detailing on the rear lights would not have gone stray, but a steady hand with the paintbrush can easily rectify.


With the Porsches, they do look good…..albeit the front Porsche badge is completely out of proportion! Detail wise, these are pretty much spot on. For some reason I got a duplicate of the green 2006 Turbo, so that one is currently on the desk at work. The Turbo is a lot better than the 2008 GT2, but both models are of a high standard. And again worthy additions. Perhaps a little bit of silver touch up on the wing mirrors, and I will be a happy camper.


I am not really sure on reflection why I got the yellow Lancer Evo from the Custom Shop series.


I am not really into tuned cars so to speak, so I think that this must have been an impulse buy. Wheels are the same as the Porsche models, and would have liked to see some spokes instead. The detailing is not that bad either, but I am no longer convinced with the inset wheels, and the way that it has been customised. The same applies to the black Monte Carlo SS.


The dodgy chassis of the car spoils it a wee tad, and again, on reflection is a little too blingy for me. Yet another impulse buy, and I should have used my head rather than being blinded that it was on the pegs and ready to be bought. Having not being born and grown up in US&A, I do like Americana, so most of the vehicles bought are HW. I actually have to admit, I might have made a mistake with this one.

The final Maisto from the Holiday Haul is the Camaro Z-28 from the 1/64 Pro Rodz series.


I quite like this one. It looks a bit of a mean SOB, and love the way that the various sponsors are added to the side of the model, and the detailing is very nicely done. Maisto have been a bit smart with the way that they have utilised the wheels again (coloured black, and the same ones used on the Porsche and Evo). They work well with the model, and makes it look even more moody than it should be. I also like the opening bonnet, and the little bit of detailing that has been applied on the rocker cover.

So in conclusion, not a bad little haul. I do regret buying the Evo and the Monte Carlo, and should have really thought a bit more carefully about buying them. Simple case of opportunity cost – no purchase = $12.00 still in the pocket or spent on something else. But I love the Porsches and the R35. Great models, and will be instantly transferred to the work “garage” on my desk. More of these Maisto models will be added to the collection over time – next jaunt to TRU in Blighty, I will have a quick look to see if they have made it over there. Otherwise, it will be checking the shelves within the shops of CH, or hanging on in the hope that we go to APAC again. Time to butter up the Mrs methinks…..


4 thoughts on “Holiday Haul #2: 1/64 Maisto.

  1. On the Audi R8 the number plate states IN,for the life of me cannot think of anywhere in Germany that begins IN,as you are probably aware German plates are given the city prefix for issued plates.B=Berlin M=Munich etc etc.The smaller cities are given two letters and even smaller three letters.But at least they have D for Germany on the plate.
    You did well on your haul,some nice items there.


  2. I think that the plate on the Audi means that the car is from Ingolstadt.

    Have got few more models to write about, and will be done over the next few days.


  3. I think that they have done well in adding that.

    Not everyone knows about that, and I know that within the Audi EU brochures, the majority of the photographed cars bear these plates.

    Glad you like the haul Bill.


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