Holiday Haul #6: 1/43 Welly Toyota Corolla 4-dr Saloon.

I am not sure how much more space I have got for 1/43 models within the display cabinet within my Japanese section. I am keeping an eye on Ebbro’s Honda Civic 4-dr Type R, which looks an absolute belter. But haven’t got round to getting it of eBay (Look there Curtis of Whoop Whoop, GA, US&A – I have said the word eBay! Can’t ban me now can you for saying eBay!!).

There were quite a few Welly 1/43’s available in Australia this trip, mostly Euopean models modelled on Alfa’s. These are two a penny in the form of Bburago castings within CH, so they didn’t really tug on the heart strings that much, but one that did catch my eye was a 1/43 Toyota Corolla 4-dr. More so it was bought as part of my Alarm fuer Cobra 11 series (basically a series of affordable 1/43 models from the likes of Bburago, etc. that can be easily “stunted” and bashed up, without feeling that guilty).


You can tell that it is not a high end model, just by the casting – a little clunky in parts, and the detail is not there unlike AutoArt or Minichamps. It does the job – and does it more than adequately. The wheels are on a single axle, but are independent. It has been tampo’d well and in the right places, so if really required it could be displayed alongside it’s more expensive friends, but you could immediately tell which model comes from which stable. What I also like about this model is the fact that the colour scheme matches that from the actual car, a colour what I call Toyota Silver, and easily recognisable, as this seems to be the staple colour sold on Japanese cars not only in Japan but all over the world.

A good little model, and at $4 makes for excellent VFM. Play or display, the choice is yours.


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