Pixar Cars: Artie and #76 – Vinyl Toupee

It does nark me a little that on some models, you simply can’t buy them as singles, OR you have to go via some stupid “pack” – like the launchers – to get the model.


#76 Vinyl Toupee cost CHF29.90, which I think is a little excessive for a standard car and some device that makes it go faster. But, as mentioned on a previous blog, it has now got to the stage where I just sigh, and hand over the cash. I am getting there, albeit is slowly – maybe time to raid the likes of eBay for those models only available in the States.

Artie is actually features in a scene of a TV editing suite on the Piston Cup, and #76 Vinyl Toupee of course features in the race itself.

The rest of my pixar Cars collection are actually in the UK, so next opportunity get, I wil try to get a complete collection “blogged up” here.


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