Hot Wheels Nightburnerz : Nissan GT-R (R35)

Nissan Skyline’s and the R35 will always have a place in my collection, not matter what. I cannot get enough of the road models (not so much the JTCC lot….that would mean I would be broke for the foreseeable future).

At the moment, there are only three manufacturers that I know of that have produced the R35 in 1/64 scale – one of them being Realtoys (have a look at the Farcebook post by Daboxtoys –, which have not made it over to CH yet, Tomica, and HW.

I already have a white version, but could not help noticing this black version from the “Nightburnerz” range of 1/64 (yes another stupid marketing ploy by Mattel to re-release a model under another guise….)

I think that the black version is very smart. It has a nice bit of detail in terms of tampos on the rear, and I very much prefer the wheels used rather than the “lines” wheels that has been previously used. There is no additional detail within the interior, but that is fine, as this is a standard model/toy, and at the current price point does not allow anything further.

What is noticeable is how HW seem to be commanding a premo price over their Matchbox cousins….this model picked up in Migros today was CHF2.70 – the equivalent MB model is CHF 2.20….no idea why…..



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