1/43 Corgi Haynes Model & Book Gift Sets – The Two Fords

With the Vanguards range of 1/43 models, when a new casting is released you really do hope that the version you want is released at some point. For example, with the Rover SD1 casting, I am still awaiting a release of the 1977 version that won the COTY award. And even more so, in its Metropolitan police guise…but to date I am still waiting…

So it was very welcomed when Corgi released the Haynes manual range, as some of the castings Unser has not even been recreated yet. By that I mean that the basis of the model would be a Vanguard donor, and then modified for this particular range.
Two models that really pinched me straight away were the two Fords – the Escort XR3i and the Capri 2.8 injection. Despite the release of the castings in the actual Vanguards range, these actual editions were not part of the standard releases, so what better opportunity to ensure that they are part of the garage.


The packaging is rather big, but as part of the overall ‘deal’ alongside the model comes a small hardback book detailing the history of the actual car, and some asides about the corgi Versions created over the years. Small in size, there are plenty of old photos and text which gives a great insight to the car.


The models – although well detailed on the outside – are somewhat standard however. Tampo-ing and reg plates are all good, ad accurately reflect the vehicle that they were modelled on. So from an outside they display well (indeed they were in the display cabinet for some time). Wheels are well re-created here.


But as a 1/43 collector, the demands that I expect from a model are more. For example, the wing mirror glass is not detailed, and the interior is just a one set colour casting rather than have additional accents such as diff plastics for the gearbox, and such. At a premium price point (around £20) and a good few quid more than a standard Vanguards model, you have the right to demand more. I can see where the extra cash is spent, but such attention to detail let’s these models down a tad. I would rather pay another £2-3 extra but gladly welcome the extra detail.
I am not sure that these are really aimed at the hardcore 1/43 collector like myself. More for as a present to the Dad, Uncle, Granddad who has a sweet spot for cars, but not diecast/scale models. Good, but not great.


2 thoughts on “1/43 Corgi Haynes Model & Book Gift Sets – The Two Fords

  1. Quite agree but Minichamps are twice the price but your idea of the car as a present seems about right.I am not really sure where Corgi are going these day,s have you?


  2. There are a good few models left for Vanguards to re-create Bill – and the majority of them UK vehicles. I am still awaiting the BL Sherpa, and Hillman Hunter to name but a couple.

    I think that it is good that Hornby have taken over the Corgi brand, but it has surprised me that European and Japanese cars are sneaking their way in.


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