Holday Haul #10: 1/64 Biante Ford’s……

Biante produce some marvellous models that capture the Aussie car market well. You have the usual suspects like Minichamps and AutoArt et al, that tend to dominate the European models, Ebbro and Kyosho for the Asian market.

It is very evident however that although Biante do good work with the Aussie car scene – supplemented by Trax as well, there has been a distinct lack of new items being released. Indeed, nothing new seems to have appeared since my last visit to Aussie in 2009. Of course there is a glut of V8 supercar models in 1/18 and 1/43 but I think that this is really aimed for the hardcore and price wise it is rather prohibitive collecting all of these on a regular basis.

So back catalogue it is then. And some nice little 1/64 models to add to the collection, and my final blog of my holiday haul from Australia 2011. The Falcon – like the Commodore – is an iconic name within the realms of Aussie motoring, so presenting themselves are a BA Falcon XR8 & BA FPV GT-P. Both are highly detailed models, with accurate Tampo-ing and colour schemes. Price is matched to those in a range genre such as the Tomica Vintage Limited range and hence the price point of $20. Yes, a bit pricey, but you pay for the ownership privilege of these models, and you have to remember that outside of Australia these are a rare breed indeed. Well, you have eBay, but you know what I mean…

They do display well, and if you sit them by a regular 1/64 from Hot Wheels or MB, then you know where the money goes. Even the premo Mattel products do look a little ‘preiswert’ against them – however I also think that some models from the Maisto haul, could give them a run for their money to a degree….perhaps with a little more detail?

I am not going to go mental and get every version known to man of these miniatures, but nice to have within the garage.



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