Bburago 1/43: Ford Focus ST (2005)

This ST Focus just caught my eye in Migros the other weekend. I am getting a bit of a collection going with these Bburago 1/43 models. And yes, I have a little zoom zoom session every now and again (just a couple of mins mind to keep my own sanity!), but don’t go to the extent of Matchbox Luke within the MCCH forum who tends to create some dodgy city on his bedroom floor with his 1-75 models.

I really like the tampo detail on this model more than anything else. Crisp and accurate, it really enhances the appearance of the model. The orange colour scheme is accurate to that of the road car.


What I am still not impressed with are the wheels used – generic and added to any model seen fit, and the way the chassis is attached to the body via a coupling system within the number plate – very dodgy.

Again, I have stop insisting and start accepting – these are toys, not collectables, and therefore I should not ask for more, especially at a price point of around CHF3.90. And at the end of the day, they are fit for purpose – and that is a toy car for little people or big people to play with.



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