Vanguard pre-pro models….2011

A quick look at the Corgi website in anticiaption of the latest range of Vanguards has given these revised images of the new toolings that are due this year:


I am a litte shocked at the wheels of the Granada Police – they look far too light and airy to me, and don’t really capture the heaviness aand size of the car. I have the same issue with the wheels on the MkIII Cortina as well – I cannot understand why on the box shows one picture (which is pretty much spot on), and in reality it is something completely different. All very strange.

In saying that, the body is very nicely done and captures the car very well – but why only have 50% of the job done? Frustrating, and also one of the reasons why I have held off getting the MkIV Cortina. Closer inspection will be sought after this Sunday on the MkIV Cortina – I have a suspicion about the wheels.

For the Sierra Cosworth, yep, job done – this is a good casting. It is not a model I will actually purchase, but any collector of Touring Cars or Andy Rouse should welcome this one.

The final model is also a MkIV Cortina, in ‘S’ trim and a copy of the car used in The Sweeney. This looks OK actually – I like the “Ghia” style wheels used but again, I would like to see this is in the flesh before making a call as a purchase. Body is well proportioned.

It sounds crazy that I am bagging a model due the wheels of a car, but I have stated before, as a consumer and collector, I have a right to demand more from mhy models. If Hornby want me to part with my cash, they need to produce the goods, like the MkII Pug 309 GTi, and Lotus Sunbeam. But with detail such as this going AWOL (The P6 3500 also suffered a tad in V8 guise, and hence has not had a place in the cabinet, even though I have the classic Met Police version in dark blue and jam sandwich livery!), it is difficult for me to justify the purchase.

OK, it’s around 15 quid a model, but if I add another £10, and look hard enough I can land a decent Ebbro, Minichamps or even AutoArt. And you know what you are going to get with the main protaganists.

So the waiting game is on. I haven’t a hope in hell in seeing these models in CH, so the best I can do is keep an eye out on eBay or when I am back next in the UK.


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