Pixar – Cars 2 – The Protagonists….

Cars 2 is imminent in the cinema’s and Mattel have got ahead of the game by releasing the associated characters in diecast form. I am massive fan of the franchise, and despite the ever increasing cost associated with this form of diecast collecting, I am a complete sucker when I see them on the shelves and readily snap them up.

There have been quite a handful that have been released, and are a good mix of the main characters and the cars participating in the World Grand Prix.

The first part of this blog simply looks at the main characters. I would have liked Fin McMissile to be an actually DB5 Aston (from Wikipedia: The design of Finn is inspired by several cars, the roofline and doors of the Volvo P1800, the grill and fenders of the BMW 507, and some minor elements of the iconic James Bond Aston Martin DB5. The look of the car has been slightly modified; Finn has a different grill that looks like a suave moustache, but like Bond, he does have plenty of gadgets.[14] His small tailfins were inspired by a 1958 British sports car called the Peerless—one of the few British cars with fins), but I suspect that licensing issue would have come up, and likewise for a real car version of Holly Shiftwell (i.e. not a fantasy HW job, but a normal everyday car – perhaps a TVR, or Jag XK?? – yes, I think that they can feminise them, but again, Jag may have summat to say about turning their headline model into a wuss-mobile….)

There are nice little bit so detail, like Holly’s number plate reflecting that of how a UK Reg should look like, and Finn’s classic white on black one as well.

Quite happy with these, but now if the challenge to see how many of the actual models will come into Europe.

Characters below are:

• Rod “Torque” Redline
• Acer
• Holley Shiftwell
• Professor Z
• Finn McMissile



One thought on “Pixar – Cars 2 – The Protagonists….

  1. I hope it goes down as well as Cars 1 in which I bought the DVD and watched it once or twice,nice little movie to watch.Hope the sales of the Cars2 go well as I will be scalping good time as I cleared some nice money on the first lot.Cars2 models are in at £4.49 each in most UK outlets and as yet not moving so well,plenty of stock but if in fashion at xmas i will clean up to satisfy the parents who buy late instead of using the grey matter now whilst all releases so far are in stock.


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