What on earth is going on with the Matchbox 1-75 range for 2011????

What on earth is going on with the Matchbox 1-75 range for 2011????

After a stunning start in Australia where I picked up a shed load of the 1-100 range (for those of you not in the know, US&A insist on having 100 models rather than as the 75 that the range should consist of), it seems that things have come to a grinding halt.

Much has been said about ASDA up t’north and many a collector has had quite good success in grabbing the new range of models. However down “sauf”, the picture is very different – sweet FA actually…..

In Switzerland it is even worse – no new 1-75 models for the past 7 months….shocking. Yet SIKU seem to have merry entry to the market and outlets with the latest models being available.

When will Mattel just either make an announcement and pull out of Europe altogether or give Matchbox the same courtesy as Hot Wheels and make the products available. I understand that retailers are not seemingly not that interested in stocking up, but how hard are Mattel trying?? Are they more interested in character lines? It would seem that this is the case….this is what sells. Diecast doesn’t bring in the “bucks” as margins are so thin.

Could Matchbox days be numbered? The German site – http://www.matchbox.de – has not had the 2011 listing added to the site, when normally it has been one of the first places for reference for the 1-75 releases. Telling times….


2 thoughts on “What on earth is going on with the Matchbox 1-75 range for 2011????

  1. Matchbox days are numbered as we know them in any country let alone Europe.I was out on the scalp today to buy up all the black mini vans I could find,nothing at all,full of that bottle thinghy and dark green VW Porsche and a few of the Volvo P1800,visited about 4 or 5 stores and between them all about 25 in stock.Asda Rhyl and Chester been empty for a couple of weeks.Chester is a mega store open 24 hours a day.Even the US&A guys cannot seem to find them so easy and venting on the comedy house.Mattel cannot be bothered but I have been saying the same thing for years so I expect no different attitude from them.Daft to mess with supermarkets though,lose your space and one hell of a job to get it back.Asda Rhyl and Chester have full bins of there branded range in stock,even Hot Wheels were non existent in both as well.Will be scalping over the weekend to buy up as many black mini vans as possible and then I am going to sit on them for a few months.It is also time that the comedy house started putting a strong stance forward to Mattel rather than ponder to the fantastic design teams that produce this that and the other.If you cannot see it you cannot buy it seems such a shame the design guys cannot get there work out in the public domain for us mere mortals to buy.Anyway not that bad,monies I would have spent have brought me vintage MB.£10 got me 2 pre 1970 minty mint trucks without box,s but who cares will always get my cash back,a few more quid has got me 3 minty mint boxed with another on the way.


  2. Very well summed up Bill. I have all but given up now, and just focus on 1/43 picking up 1-75 as and when I find them.

    I also fully agree that those on the MCCH need to stop bigging up the Mattel design team.

    I wonder what would happen if no one gave the team any direction….what models would we expect then ?


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