Pixar CARS: Marco Axelbender

So all of a sudden there seems to be a renewed batch of Pixar Cars being released to capitalize on the forthcoming launch of the new film, Cars 2. Whilst the models for the new film have been released in US&A (now there’s a surprise) they have not crept into Europe as it yet.

So at the moment I am mopping up where I can…and some stuff is still coming through that may not have necessarily been released first time around.

Marco Axelbender featured as one of te security guards at the Piston Cup. A good model is this, with the usual standard of Mattel detail that has been prominent on these particular models over the last 3-4 years. I am a little concerned about some white flecking on the front of the car – not sure how that arose, however I am not going to crack the sads about it.



One thought on “Pixar CARS: Marco Axelbender

  1. We have had Cars2 here in the UK for weeks now,they sell at £4.49 each in TRU Chester,they have also made a big display of them at the front of store together with there traditional place at rear of store next aisle along from other diecast.tesco-sainsbury also have them,Asda are still on Cars1.


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