Pixar CARS2 – the World Racers – blog part 2

I thought I was must going to do a two part blog on the new range of diecast from Cars 2, but this will be extended over three now – yet again, gut instinct told me to visit Toyland in Allders of Croydon today, and 4x doubles packs were snapped up (with a £1 off each one of them!), so these models will be blogged about this week (I hope).

As the World Grand Prix takes place, race cars from all over the world participate, and below are some of the readily available models that are out at the moment. the models represent the countries that they come from quite well – I like the fact that Nigel Gearsly is a Aston DB9R, Max Schnell is a DTM replica (loosely based on a Audi TT DTM??), and Raoul Caroule on a French WRC car.

I would have liked to see Shu Todoroki as a JTCC replica on the lines of a R35 Skyline or NS-X shiloutte. This character just looks a little too Audi Le Mans for me…Pixar should have thought a bit harder perhaps on this one?

Apart from that, nice additions to my CARS collection. As stated before I hope that Mattel take the initiative and ensure that Europe is on level par with the releases in the US&A. And also to that all the other characters from the race that appear as well as the world release characters (Frosty voiced by Mark Winterbottom for Australia, and Sebastian Schnell voiced over by Sebastian Vettel for the German release – hope that Schweiz has this version!)


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