So who exactly is buying Matchbox then…..

Interesting to note. Was at a friends house the other day, and she has a 3 & 5 year old.

Naturally (!) the kids showed me their car box. Fast Lane – check. HW – check. Pixar Cars – check. Random tut – check. Matchbox….er…..

Well, that is a bit of a lie. There were about 4 Matchbox models, but all old school and they were her brothers when he was a nipper (I almost shed a tear to see MB45 BMW 3.0 CSL in there midst of the madness – sticker still intact, but further damage was bound to happen if left with the majority, so I safely put them away from harms way, and advised my friend accordingly.

But what was even more prominent was that there was not a single recent 1-75 from the last 3 years there. Not one. How are Matchbox ever going to recover their market share when parents are buying what is available – and that means other brands.

Mattel can cite that they are doing all they can to get the product to market, but how much are they doing? MB has always been the ugly sister, acquired rather than loved….isn’t it time they either upped the game or just pull out immediately?

It is really a sad state of affairs…..the Grim Reaper knocks…..


2 thoughts on “So who exactly is buying Matchbox then…..

  1. I am so happy at your findings,I have been banging on about this for ages,the young modern parent has never heard of the brand and even if they had there are never any in the shops to buy other than for a few weeks and then the supply goes not cold but deathly icy.Mattel distribution is one huge joke and really have no idea why they prat around with the brand,may as well kill it off or turn it into an adult only collector item at twice the price and cut out all the crap stuff they dish out.I have also noted over at the comedy house the anoraks are even now trying to like the new stuff,get a life it is all Hero City days all over again and all the rubbish Tyco stuff.Cherish what realistic stuff you find and keep them packaged and they will be worth a small premium when they pull the plug on the brand.The writing is on the wall,no point in running two brands that now look the same,the big sheds would rather use the space for more profit makers.


  2. If Chuck Wiersma's last Ambassador report is any indicator 2012 will be my lowest year for MB since like 03 and 04. A real disapointment if you ask me.

    Hopefully they reverse course before it is too late and the reason I am not surprised is that is what happens when you put HW vets to run MB a thinking that HW runs all and screw MB, I guess the last nearly decade of work that me, the collecting public and Mattel was a waste of time.


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