Corgi Vanguards – Sept 2011 to March 2012 – preview review (1)

The day has finally arrived. I was checking the Corgi website like a madman the other Monday to view the latest additions to the Corgi Vanguards range. And we have a list from September 2011 to March 2012.

So let’s have a look at what I think are the highlights of the range and an overall review of the models released.

The Colin McRae models get yet more castings in the form of the Colin McRae R4 and DJM Motorsport Ultimate Escort. As much as the man was a legend in Rallying, I am now really bored of the constant churn of models that are being turned out. Rally fans and McRae fans should be kept happy, but from my PoV, this a casting opportunity missed.


As usual there are a few new colours on models like the XR4i, RS Turbo Legacy and A40 Farina – so the usual policy of refreshing a casting.

On to the highlights:

Peugeot 205 1.1 ‘Look’ – Topaze Blue & Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI – Cherry Red.

For some reason the Corgi website has this image for the 205 1.1 down as a Ford Granada – I suspect someone got very excited with the Hornby content management system and forgot to upload the right image. Verdict is out on this one until the image is seen, but what is the betting that this comes with UK Plates? I think it would do well as a left hooker with French plates. Currently the only version of the standard car in 1/43 I know is a Minichamps GR – I am also hoping that this casting has the steel rims which to me are classic Peugeot.
I am interested to see how the 205 GTi turns out.


I have got a black Minichamps version so will be good to get a comparison. I can see the appeal of this version especially as this will be cast in RHD, but I think I may well hold out for a Miami Blue version, on the lines of the 309GTi due this year in that colour scheme.

Ford Escort MkII

The quota of 70s and 80s Fords are being filled in nicely. The MkII Popular was probably the most seen version of the car the time, so the inclusion into the Vanguards range is warranted. Again, like most of the castings, I will have to see what this one looks like in the flesh. I would be looking for the Ghia trim in this version, but I fear the replication of the Ghia wheels will be an issue as per the Mk IV Cortina in its Ghia guise.

I am also happening for a RS2000 version (drop-snoot) as this is what every schoolboy dreamt of (besides the Dolly Sprint, Capri and MGB). My Trofeu MkII RS2000 looks a little lightweight in terms of build, whereas I think a Vanguards version will be a more weightier casting so to speak.

An RS1800 would be a safer bet as it would not require a great change in mould and casting.



2 thoughts on “Corgi Vanguards – Sept 2011 to March 2012 – preview review (1)

  1. It is ok reading a list but are you any closer in finding the ones which are already due?.Your last on the subject was not what you really wanted to write and was wondering if you had an improvement.


  2. I tend to get very enthusiastic about the new models that are due –

    However, in reality – like Matchbox – the distribution of such things is so random – and most times I never get to see them.

    So to answer your question Bill, it is a firm fat NO.


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