Corgi Vanguards – Sept 2011 to March 2012 – preview review (2)

Sorry, it has been a few days since the first part of theis blog – so I continue with the 2nd part of this blog – more will follow:

Ford Granada MkII

Yes, a definite purchase. From the pre-pro pictures the TRX wheels look spot on (oh, the irony!) for this model. Yet to be released in the bronze version to date, it will be a difficult toss-up between them both which makes it into the 1/43 garage – my betting is on the black one.


It is interesting to note Hornby is getting around the licensing issue with VA12402. This is the replica model of Regan’s Granada MkII from Series 4 of The Sweeney.


The actual car used is pictured below:

So by only referring to “a TV show” and not mentioning it by name or branding it means no royalty to be paid. We can also see this on VA10809, Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S that was part of the Summer 2011 range. Sporting the reg plate UOO 303 T, this car was modelled on the CI5 version from The Professionals.


Subaru Impreza 22B STi

A most certain addition to the Japanese garage for me. Looks very nice and again will be interesting to see how much detail goes into the wheels for this model. This ver-sion of the car is a more impressing and cleaner one that the quite vulgar VA12301 Gobstopper livery.


Subaru Impreza 555

In 1992, Vatanen and Berglund had finished second on the RAC Rally driving a Subaru Legacy and in ’93 hoped their new Impreza would go one better. However, it was team-mates McRae and Ringer who led initially, whilst Vatanen and Berglund had damaged their Impreza in two incidents and lost over ten minutes. Unfortunately, McRae and Ringer retired on day three with a damaged radiator but on the last day some Subaru honour was restored as, in treacherous arctic conditions, Vatanen and Berglund stormed back through the field and set three fastest stage times. They finished a well-deserved fifth, eight minutes behind the winning Toyota of Kankkunen and Grist.

As much as I have bitched about the Colin McRae rally models, I have to say that this one could very well be a purchase. Back in the day when WRC was not so rubbish (well who wants a championship with just Ford and Citroen), Ari Vatenen was a bit of a hero of mine, more for the fact that he was a complete and total nutter when it same to rallying. It looks like a very well finished model, but as with most things proof is in the pudding.



2 thoughts on “Corgi Vanguards – Sept 2011 to March 2012 – preview review (2)

  1. The cars from the film/tv shows will be a sure winner.Life on Mars car still attracts a decent premium.As regards the Rally stuff always good in my book.As we all know Nicky Grist became Colins Co Driver,today he does a few events but is better known as the sole importer for the UK of Stilo Race Helmets with customers like Loeb on his books.He is also on WRC safety board.


  2. Thanks for adding that info on Nicky Grist Bill.

    I am still not convinced that the Colin McRae models should be part of the Vanguards range…


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