Matchbox in Singapore – but is it the forgotten brand of 1/64 diecast?

Although The 1-75 Matchbox range is available within  Changi Airport, T3, the following extract from the ‘Shop and Dine’ brochure for the airport still refers to 1/64 diecast models as Hot Wheels. 


I think that the brand of Matchbox is going to have a very tough time in the future.  As the first brand that introduced 1/64 to the world, it is sadly being neglected and overshadowed by its sibling brand. 

Hot Wheels seems to be recognized all over the world as the 1/64 diecast brand –

Matchbox? Well, this is something that Mattel may just want to sweep under the carpet in markets apart from the US&A or Australia. 

There is the stance that Matchbox will be seen as an action brand from the recently held “Gathering of Friends” in US&A by the MCCH (read US boys club trying to influence Mattel into producing what they want to see in the line ), but without active promotion around the world, again the future looks down the “corridor of uncertainty”.


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