I believe in miracles…..

Sometimes you have to create your own luck. After a visiting Bali, I was 99.99% convinced that this was not a place for diecast to make a name for itself. In fact looking for diecast was the last thing on my mind – I spent a week in Ubud and a week in Seminyak doing sweet FA. Which was wonderful. I very much pity those who insist on going to the MCCH Jolly boys in New Mexico on the sole purpose of meeting up with other anoraks rather than look to see what the rest of the US&A can offer as a tourist destination.

One thing that does catch my eye is the duty free areas. Bali’s Depnsar airport is actually not as bad as I thought with a number of outlets offering a load of old tut (as Sirralan says), and Ralph Lauren at “discount” (I was told in one outlet in Seminyak that the discount was 36%. yes, that’s right – 36% – I would like to know how they got to that figure). 

One shop that caught my eye looked like it was selling computer games, and then I glanced some Lego through the corner of my eye. Lego is a big attraction for me, especially to see what is available abroad.

 So with the Mrs seated and Kindle open, I set off to see and then Mecca presented itself. I often wonder when my next Tomica/Tomy fix is going to come from – for the past 5 years I have travelled pretty much all of the Asia continent and my last trip to Singapore proved to be a huge shopping spree Tomica wise. 

To my sheer and utter amazement, this wee cubbyhole of a shop contained the 4 set Tomica taxi collection as well as several TLV editions and some normal range Tomica’s. I was stunned – literally. And then the machine in me came out. Like the Terminator, I stopped at nothing to secure the models I wanted and sodded the price. 

Averaging £7.50 a hit, and 15 minutes later I was down £120. Amazing. It was like I had been possessed and the Shop staff had never seen anything like it either. 

Some of the models had been there a bloody long time – you could tell by the packaging especially with the TLV models and some of the plastic casing showing scars of shelf wear. But I have now overcome my fussiness of having MOC or MIB. as long as the model is intact, that is all I am bothered about. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging about these finds. I have – somewhere – some TVL editions that I bought in Macau in 2004. This was my first introduction to this premium 1/64, but for some reason I did not understand how much detail they actually had. That is the thing with diecast – over time you learn, and 7 years on, as soon as I clocked the models I knew I was on a winner. 

The Taxis will replace my standard  Tomica Crown Comfort at the desk at work (which will now head its way back to the UK at some point and be reunited with the rest of my Tomica collection). 

My wife looks at me with utter disbelief and to date still does not get it. Nowt different from getting that rush of blood to the head and accidentally purchasing that Mulberry Bayswater…..


One thought on “I believe in miracles…..

  1. You made me laugh about the gentleman with coats attending the annual bash.They even get a couple of overseas visitors.Tilley and that fella who has a girls name.Think of a far better way of spending a good couple of grand on a trip to the US&A to talk toy cars.Keep your eye on Ebay plenty of Tomica and rare Diapet on there,lost about 50 bids so far.


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