Majorette’s Seat Leon Cupra

Ayalta – to my knowledge – were the producers of SEAT models in 1/43 scale. It is also surprising that the big hitters haven’t produced some SEATs within their staple range like the Ibiza.

Majorette have finally churned out a Leon Cupra version. Not the classiest of castings and not one that smacks of quality but to have a SEAT as an everyday car within a diecast collection is always good to have amongst the Americana that seems to dominate from HW and the enforced choices of the MCCH within the MB range.

It does the job – simple as that, and sometimes as a collector that will override the quest for quality and detail. This is one of those times.

I will check Bburago’s offerings within their Street Fire range – I am sure that they have a SEAT there, but cannot remember for the life of me if so for 100%.



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