The death of MB in Switzerland……

I think it is game over…

I popped into Coop on the weekend (Aeschenplatz, BS) to pick up a few things, and have noticed that shop has stopped stocking 1-75.

Migros, Dreispitz yesterday – although they had 1-75, these models actually date back the 2010 range and this time last year. How do I know? Exactly the same models on the pegs which have not been re-freshed.

For me, it is all over in CH. You can get diecast but the main players are SIKU, Majorette, and to a degree HW (even the 2011 models are few and far between).

Matchbox – forget it.

Well done Mattel – you look like you have single handedly killed off an entire market without even bothering to give it a crack.

The ugly sister will not go to the ball.


One thought on “The death of MB in Switzerland……

  1. Matchbox as known today will not excist doing kiddy cars in the next couple of years.The big sheds will stick to Hot Wheels and use the space for more profitable lines.You get shot at on the comedy chanel when you say naughty boy things like that lol that is why I have left the site along with countless others.

    The Euro is also going down the tubes and even the mighty German empire is now not happy with it.


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