the £100k Mini

I am still a massive fan of the Rover Mini.

Unlike the BMW Mini – which for me does not represent the actual core values of the original concept by Issigonis and is just a 1-Serie in disguise – the Rover Mini has to be one of the all time classics in terms of character and style.

In terms of Motorsport – and especially rallying – this car was a giant killer – and the article from The Metro below shows how valuable a real historic vehicle can be.

BMW cited at the launch of the “new Mini” that we should move on and embrace the new car – I completely disagree agree with them and below is the reason as to why.


One thought on “the £100k Mini

  1. Not sure how they are putting a value of £100k on it.Myself would be thinking with luck £25k is nearer the mark but let us see who has the big wallet.A mint 1275cc Cooper S(twin tank version) will set you back £12 and a half K.Although it did well in rally events it was the Escort that set the rallying world alive.You need approx £125 K to have one made up for you in full rally spec.


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