If Mattel haven’t killed it off already, it might as well be……

The Entertainer in Kingston-Upon-Thames was normally a respected outlet to obtain 1-75.

A short sojourn there today provided me with some old skool Pixar Cars set – the Octain Gain pit crew (blog to follow), but more suprisingly, not a single 1-75. In fact the entire diecast on sale was replaced with Dickies 1/64(ish) and Maisto’s Fresh Metal.

Absolutely gutted. This is a fairly big store for toys and now it seems Mattel cannot even be bothered enticing the pegs to be stocked here!

Upon asking the Sales Chap about Matchbox, you could tell that the shop had not seen any for quite some time as he suggested ModelZone might be a better bet for 1-75……….ah, yesssssssssssss………….

Well done Mattel – yet again you can’t even get the basics right. Just do us all a favour – kill off the Matchbox brand or sort out the distribution. Your attitude to this brand is simply rubbish.


One thought on “If Mattel haven’t killed it off already, it might as well be……

  1. I really wish one of the coat wearers on another well known site would actually find out the Matchbox retail buying policy for a retailer.Something is putting off the retailer buying,perhaps it is the credit terms offered or perhaps the minimum purchase is to high or maybe just packaging outers are not right for the retailers.

    That bunch of pretenders who keep saying they know this and that actually no jack shit and should refrain from pretending they do.Any retailer or rep would not be talking to joe punter about confidential buying terms with the coat wearers for sure.

    I have also noticed they are liking the toddlers new colour schemes,what a total bunch of numpties.I applaud the ones who dissed the new stuff and not posted anything positive but ridicule the others.

    That toy outfit you refer to is going down the pan on all all sorts not just on Toddler Cars.

    Smyths is the new kid on the block for toy,s in the UK,ever better than TRU on many items.


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