Shigeko, Okuni & Miles Axelrod – TRU’s 10-pack Toyko Mix Up – Pixar Cars2

I am very surprised these days with the sheer amount of Pixar Cars2 models that have been released by Mattel these days. Seems that Mattel cam be bothered with this profitable line over the Matchbox 1-75 range…..

And more so, Europe seems to be trading blow for blow in terms of availability for the new range of models. TRU seems to be as good a place as any to look, and with a 20% off voucher made a £49.99 purchase of the Toyko Spy Mix Up (a 10 pack gift set) a little more palatable. Ok, I am whinging about the price again, but I have to realize that this represents a steady £4.99 a model, which is around the normal retail for each single.

Ok, so I have or a couple of dupes – these can easily be flogged on eBay if necessary. What was appealing – as ever – are the exclusive editions that not normally would be available in general sale as a single. These are quite cute additions and complement the Toyko scene very well.

Along with these two, Miles Axelrod is an addition to the Pixar family. I love the fact that the number plate at the rear of the model is a rather accurate replication of the type of plate you would normally see on a UK car. This attention to detail really pleases me.

I am really pleased that we are not so far behind the US in terms of models. It was a complete mare with the original Cars releases with some models still appearing from time to time even now. Long may this continue.



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