Blast from the past – by why does this not happen anymore……..

Amongst the mumbo jumbo of stuff that I am really trying to get rid off, I found this product collector’s chart from 2004 for the Hot Wheels range.

And more importantly, this item was from the SE Asia market.

I don’t think that it costs that much to produce, so why can one no be produced for HW and more importantly Mathbox today? Mattel offered the collector’s poster for the 1-75 range a couple of years ago, but only to US residents. The UK offered a small booklet for the ‘Best of British’ rnage a few years back which was exclusive to the UK.

I don’t understand why they don’t produce these things anymore. With the shocking lack of updates within the respective websites, these posters will do well to adorn a kid’s wall showcasing the models that are current and is something that can be seen everyday rather than having to log onto the web.



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