Corgi may have missed out on a trick……..Vauxhall’s Chevette HS2300 in 1/43

I spotted this model from the newsletter I receive from,and my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw it.

For £20 this is ridiculous VFM for a car that is – to my knowledge – not produced in 1/43 scale as of yet.

So I ask the question – why on earth has Corgi/Hornby not picked this up within the Vanguards range to date?? Perhaps now that the Colin McRae range has been fianlly released in its entirity – thank God – they can review the licenses and have a look at producing some more classic British cars from the 70s.

Missed opportunity here.—virtanen-rally-sweden-1979-143-17893-p.asp

“The works Vauxhall Chevette HS 2300 as it was entered in the 1979 Rally Sweden for Pentti Airikkala – Risto Virtanen. A very interesting budget model supplied in a nice showcase.”


3 thoughts on “Corgi may have missed out on a trick……..Vauxhall’s Chevette HS2300 in 1/43

  1. Will be a deffo buy for me that one as I have met the driver in person and was one of my favourite competitors.Sadly he died a couple of years ago.

    I have no idea why the muppets who now run Corgi have not bothered with that car as it has had many famous outings by some fast guys from the UK and other parts of the world.

    You need to pop it on the comedy channel as they are in need of some input,flipping train pics and number plates by that pair of Canadian richard heads is best they can muster lol.


  2. £20 ? It's an Altaya part-work model ! It was released in France back in June, and costs 12,99€. It is so far the only release of that casting.

    I managed to find one during a shopping trip to France, and like many recent Ixo models, it's a really nice one.


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