Vanguards 1/43 Ford Fiesta 1.1L

This for me is a very significant model release. Yes, there have been others such as the Minichamps version, but these were in LHD. Needless to say the quality and accuracy of the Minichamps model is 100% and is shown in the casting below:


I first learned to drive in a Mk1 Fiesta – it was nimble, quick (to a degree) – and got me from the nightclub at 01h00 to home…..well, you never knew if you were going to pull, so sacrificing getting wasted in the hope of pulling some bird was worth doing…..never happened). Venetian Red was the colour of my parents Fiesta – PLU 911W was the reg. And now Vanguards (or more to the point Hornby) have released their version of the car.


As ever I do have some niggles – I do expect the the wheels to reflect that as per the Minichamps edition. Again this narrowly misses the mark – satisfactory, not excellent. The car modelled here is meant to be a 1.1L, but I actually think that this is more of a GL version than an L version – normally the L version does not have overriders on the bumpers, and the petrol cap is the same colour as the body of the car – I don’t have pictures of the car I used to drive, but this version shows some discrepancies.


I am not sure how Corgi/Hornby ensures accuracy, but it is a little worrying that such errors are making castings like this look a little dodgy.

In saying that it is a 1981 car, a W-reg, and tugs on the heart strings. Now firmly display within the garage.


One thought on “Vanguards 1/43 Ford Fiesta 1.1L

  1. I have owned 3 of those in real.First 2 were 1.1 in L trim and 3rd was a real minter XR2,after 18 months i only lost £600 when I sold it.Never had any bother with any of them apart from a new carb on the XR2.One of my customers has bought a MK1 Ghia version for his collection which now comprises of 3 Mini,s-Fiesta Ghia and a Focus RS.


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