Tokyo Drift – AutoArt Japanese additions

As regular readers may know, the Garage is split into different sections – namely Europe, Australia and Japan. (I have no time for US&A models unless they are in 1/64 or Americana from the late 1970s, early 1980s).

ModelZone has become of a bit of a bargain centre over the last few months – and this little haul was picked up from next to nothing there. (well about £9.99 if I remember).

The normal retail on these models is about £30-35 – so again, when possible I snap these up without hesitation.

They are all of the usual AutoArt standard – excellent tampo-ing, attention to detail and so on – for a little more money you can buy a Corgi Vanguard with half the detail and the flaws in casting, so these Fast 5 present excellent VFM.

I would like to think that multiple models could be bought up and be Code 3’d – decals are available on eBay, and I think would make them look very good – no paint touching needed as the fit and finish is already spot on.

Hmmm… this has got me thinking…..



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