All I want for Christmas is…………THIS!

Ferrari 458, Porsche 911, BMW M5, jaguar XKR – your boys will take one hell of a beating!

if there is ever a car that I would want in 1:1 scale, this has got to be it – yes, at heart it is just a Datsun, BUT where do you get almost 200mph performance, a sub-3 0-60 and 550bhp on tap?

My one complaint? yes, I do have one – it is the name – for me, this will always be known as the Skyline GT-R, despite the dropping of the Skyline moniker……but I think everyone knows this really…..

Possibly the greatest car of the decade – and I am totally in love.

Dip me in a racesuit and feed me to a 2012 R35 GT-R………………….from today’s Metro….


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