Young drivers – total alcohol ban?

I do think that this is a good idea – yes, there may be some safe drivers around, but fact of the matter is that many youngsters think you can get away with a pint or two and get behind the wheel.

I refused any alcohol (zero tolerance) when I first passed my test and still upload this today (I don’t even have alcohol free beer) if I am driving.

The best example I can give on drink drive and how your reactions are impaired was when I was at Uni at the Chrimbo Ball (Well, TVU tried their best….) I had far too much to drink and but thought I could handle a dodgem car like Aryton Senna. Barely managed to drive in a straight line.

It is dangerous full stop – the sooner young people learn the better.

Australia has got the right idea

Source: Metro, 23.11.11


One thought on “Young drivers – total alcohol ban?

  1. Totally in favour of helping any new drivers not just the under 25,s.

    All they need now is to remove the biggest set of arselochers out on the road today which is the total dick heads who join motorways at 40 mph if you are lucky or the king dick who does 50 mph on a dual carriageway.


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