Back in the day…..

… was quite simple.

No mass of social media or the like – TV had 3 channels. Nobody had a mobile phone.

And more importantly, children played – outside on the streets with their friends and more importantly with actual toys. No PS3, XBOX or any such ilk…..

I remember do remember quite a few of these – and only wish that I had the foresight to have looked after them and preserved the packaging for the toys that I had. However, I suspect when you are six years old, that goes straight out of the window.

Below are some images of the the toy range from the 1976 Argos catalogue. I didn’t even realise Argos was around at the time! It is a fascinating retro view on the kinds of toy that were around and fuelled the imagination of the youngsters at the time – including me!

Compare that to what we have in the shelves today. And we have Corgi and Matchbox diecast that were made in England.

Everything was a lot simpler, but I know for fact that it led to imaginative play. I am not really sure that can be said for the products today.

NOTE: All credit for these scans are attributed to the original scanner.


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