Back to the future

Issue 51/52 of Auto Bild had a wonderful article on concept cars from the today’s manufacturers.

Some of these are absolutely gorgeous – and my favourite three are below.

The Renault 16 concept is a simply brilliant piece of retro styling. The Laguna – even though it is a fair looker is all a bit too modern, whereas the 16 Concept just stands out, and that is what makes it cool.

I really think that Opel needs a big bruiser to rival the 6-Serie from BMW. The Commodore concept certainly answers the need and looks the business. No need for a Vauxhall equivalent as they have Holden’s HSV Clubbie as their adopted feral. There is a gap from this range where the Manta/Monza once stood. And I hope that this comes into production.

As for the Citroen – well, this is what a Citroen should look like. I am sure that there is a half decent engine from the PSA stable that can give this car the oomph that it would need, but this is what I expect a Citroen to look and feel. The C6 is probably the best that Citroen have to offer at the moment – other range models are not that exciting and the DS Ligne is plain silly and is just playing on the name…..

I have looked all over the web for more detail on these cars, but cannot find any. However, I very much hope that someone takes note and bites the bullet to get these from concept to reality.


3 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. The 16 is really nice and the GM is very BMW looking but the Citroen you can stick as it is not my cup of tea,I was never a big fan of the DS either.


  2. None of these concepts are real, it's just a series of “what ifs” done for Auto Bild. With today's software technology, you can get amazing results, with 3D renderings close to photographic quality.


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