2011 Vanguards Collector’s Club Edition: Ford Capri 3.0S

I do think that the Vanguards Collectors Club does give good VFM.

You can normally buy through the club the Chrome model which is basically a Vanguard model all in chrome. And with your membership you get and exclusive collectors model for that year. I have renewed my membership for 2011, so naturally came along the 2011 Collector model which is a Ford Capri MkII 3.0S.

The casting is one of the better ones that Hornby have released of late. My pet hate is eradicated with the accurate re-creation of the RallyeSport 4-spoke wheels. The ‘S’ stripe is nicely done and generally this is very good casting pulling punches with the likes of the Minichamps effort as well.

Although I appreciate the casting, where I feel a little let down is the colour scheme. This is (Signal Amber) far too similar to the VA10807 which is the same model in Signal Orange. Should this model be reflected in blue, black or any other colour I think it would have worked. OK, VA10807 has a vinyl roof and this one is sheet metal which is one of the major separators but is it all a bit too close for comfort.

I am not knocking the Vanguards Collector Club at all. If I didn’t have VA10807 within the Garage, this would have made a fantastic addition. Unfortunately I do…..



One thought on “2011 Vanguards Collector’s Club Edition: Ford Capri 3.0S

  1. It looks good to me and the orange colour was a popular choice in those days together with blue and white and if I recall even green.


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