Fire up the Quattro…..Vanguards April to June 2012 releases

Just got a mail shot through this morning from Corgi announcing the April to June 2012 models.

The webpage takes forever to load – I don’t know why, but I have managed to get the detail of the releases below:

VA06909 Vanguards Rover 3-litre MkII Saloon (P5), HM Queen Elizabeth II – Special Edition


VA13000 Vanguards MGB White Gold ’50th Anniversary Model’ – Limited Edition


VA11506 Vanguards Triumph TR5 Valencia Blue – Limited Edition


VA04513 Vanguards Austin Allegro Special LE Tara Green – Limited Edition


VA07309 Vanguards Ford Cortina Mk1 Super, Seafoam Blue – Limited Edition


VA10813 Vanguards Ford Capri 280, Brooklands Green, The Last Official Ford Capri – Special Edition


VA12504 Vanguards Ford Fiesta Mk1 XR2, Caspian Blue – Limited Edition

VA11604A Vanguards Peugeot 309 GTi Mk2, Black RHD – Limited Edition

VA11604B Vanguards Peugeot 309 GTi Mk2, Black LHD French Registration – Limited Edition

VA12900 Vanguards Audi Quattro 20v Mk2, Nordic Blue Metallic, 1990 – Limited Edition

VA12503 Vanguards Ford Fiesta Mk1 1.3GL, Hertfordshire Police – Limited Edition


The Quattro in particular is a clever choice by Hornby – by re-creating it in 1/43 scale this model is used within their new TV franchise of the BBC series Ashes to Ashes as driven by Gene Hunt. The twin collector set of the Quattro and Granada 2.8i in Met Police livery make a good combination and therefore I reckon will sell nicely.


Corgi/Hornby have done this before with a few models such as the MkII 3.0S Capri and the 2.0 Cortina Ghia both of which are modelled on from The Professionals and The Sweeney respectively – it was just a case that these models were “referred” to with their TV Heritage ratio as to avoid the license cost attributed to this kind of franchise.

I, for one, will avoid the Ashes to Ashes casting and plonk for the 1990 MkII 20v instead – much better bet IMHO, and I hope to pay less for the model as it will not be full of licensing, etc.


Other new(er) castings include the TR5, which is just a wee upgrade on the TR4 casting already there. I am still a bit peeved that the Rover 3-Litre is still not cast a P5B or Mark III which I reckon is THE Rover of all time – when high-end Rovers were considered as a mini Bentley. I am still waiting…..and could be a bloody long time at this rate.

MGB? Again, this will be fine casting as per the pre-pro, BUT will Hornby get the wheels right? Look what happened with the last MGB casting:

Capri 280 will be a welcome addition, and I am VERY tempted with the LHD 309GTi, but I would like to wait and see if this will be released in a different colour. The 205GTi looks good in black, but I reckon the best colour for the 309 is actually in Miami Blue as per VA11603.


Good “Ford” colour scheme chosen for the XR2i – I am not that bothered about the Mk1 Cortina and surprisingly the Allegro – I would like to have seen an Allegro 2 or Allegro 3 or even a Vanden Plas version as well.


Fair choices to the middle of 2012 but where are the remaining BL models as well as those classic GM cars such as the Chevette and Cavalier MkI?? And what has happened to the commercials? The range is really crying out for a MkII Transit or Leyland EA Series? I sincerely hope that Corgi have not neglected these at cost of getting the licensing done for the Ashes to Ashes models…..the roots for these models are within the British car industry – I understand the need to diversify and re-create other marques BUT Hornby do need to remember where and how they started. It does worry me a tad that we are not seeing other castings re-produced which would clearly give the range kudos against the big hitters from Minichamps and AutoArt.


One thought on “Fire up the Quattro…..Vanguards April to June 2012 releases

  1. Ashes to Ashes Audi should fly and no doubt will command a premium on ebay(like saying ebay rather than that ofas nonsense).

    Followers of Morse may be pleased to know his new series started last night and is called Endeavour.This is Morse as a Detective Constable and must admit is was really good and I think they have a winner.


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