Cheapest car on the road – but does it have a 5 Star NCAP?

Indians are obsessesed with cheap affordable transportation. Normally you would get a family of four on the back of a Bajaj scooter going from A to B.

But nowadays, the Indian household aspires to have more than just a scooter and that manufacturer has just launched a new cheap car as per below.

However what worries me is this – in the pursuit of cheapness, I cannot see safety. India has one of the worst death tolls on the roads on anywhere in the world. You only have to watch small clips from the Top Gear India “Special” to witness why. Drivers have absolutely no road craft or logic – just the need to get there by any means, even if driving up the wrong side of a road. I am sure if you pressed your thumb against the bodywork it would dent – easily.

I see these cheap cars as nothing more than a death trap – head on with a Ashok Leyland or Tata 1613 it would be a piece of crushed metal. I do not approve of this car in any form – I hope that the Indian public also realise the dangers.

Source: Metro, 04/01/2012


One thought on “Cheapest car on the road – but does it have a 5 Star NCAP?

  1. First of all India is not the only place for scooter overload.Just visit the Amalfi coast in Italy,2 adults plus 3 kids is about the norm on a scooter but you also get the bonus there as well.Cracking eye candy with micro short skirts and skimpy tops,they even text and put there make up on without looking at the road.

    That car looks a bit flimsy but progress for them and we have no right to interfere,no oil interest for us so UK will say nothing.Are they driving around in those old Morris Oxford thingies?


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