Why are Mattel not giving Matchbox a fighting chance?

Being a new Dad means that I can legitimately go to TRU and have a look round.

There is one in Basel Stuecki, but being in Switzerland, everything is twice the price and Illzach serves me well.

Diecast offering in France means Norev, Majorette or Hot Wheels – but not a sign of Matchbox to be had at all – why is this?

And to cap it all off, check out the promo display for HW’s……very obvious why the MB brand is suffering in terms of sales and why the efforts from the likes of the MCCH to influence the direction of the brand is pointless. Mattel seem to be refusing to invest in the Matchbox brand.

Mattel are going to keep on investing in their baby – which is HW – Matchbox is going to always play second fiddle…..


4 thoughts on “Why are Mattel not giving Matchbox a fighting chance?

  1. You are correct,HW is so well known all over the world and MB is simply not any more.My son is 27 and he has heard of MB because he has grown up around my toys but he would never have heard of them other wise.I am buying his new son HW simply because I like them and I can get hold of them in any of the UK supermarkets apart from Asda but I am working on that lol.

    What makes me cry with laughter is the Anoraks over at the MCCH who think with there input they make a difference,they need to get a grip and realize there is only about 20 or 30 regular posters and half of them are into other makes as well.

    Mattel will be filing there input straight into the nearest waste bin,we have been waiting for what over 5 years for improved distribution,it ain,t going to happen.

    What really worried me the other night was I saw this guy in Asda in Rhyl on his hands and knees checking each MB blister with a magnifier looking for paint shades.I thought do I phone the Police or Mental Care Wales.

    There is also the Specsaver brigade who think the anniversary output will put the brand back on the map.I am not a betting man but I reckon the brand will be dead by the summer.MB will be doing the larger toy packs only and singles will be HW property.


  2. I bought a new pet dog today and i have called it MO as in Modog,best decision I ever made.I take it to the nearest big supermarket and the little wise guy can tell just by looking how many toy cars they have sold and how many they have in the stockroom but best bit till last it can even tell you when Mattel have given the store a discount,I am so impressed.Not keen on the dog food though,I have been feeding it on Pedigree Christaskis but the poo comes out wrapped in rose tinted glasses.


  3. I dont think Matchbox will always play second fiddle, its hard to even get that position when you just wont exist at all. As for those that think the up coming anniversary will change things, the cynic in me thinks Mattel will use it as an opportunity to release a few old Yestyear and Dinky casting, over price them, distribute them poorly and then say…hey we tried but no body bought the product. By doing this they can help kill the brand in its entirety and yet still retain the legal ownership of the brands they never use.


  4. Cobra has probably nailed the truth here.Mattel could rent the name out to someone like Oxford Diecast,no costs but raking in a tidy sum each year.


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