Why are Mattel not giving Matchbox a fighting chance (Pt 2)

Following on from my recent blog about the appalling way MB is marketed, here is yet more evidence that Mattel indeed couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about the Matchbox brand.

Can someone – preferably from Mattel – please explain as to why HW get’s so much promo material and prominence and MB is reduced to some joke of an effort. You only have to look at matchbox.com and note that the 1-75 range is stuck in 2010! FFS !

Below are some snaps I got using my ipod phone thing in Weil am Rhien, DE on Saturday……

Here is the HW effort:


And here is the awesome MB effort !


Yes, exactly.


2 thoughts on “Why are Mattel not giving Matchbox a fighting chance (Pt 2)

  1. LMAO,you need to put that on MCCH to show all the Anoraks that they view the world in rose tinted specs.The HW brand is far stronger than MB.I can even get a base ball cap,now that is great for the little people.That Ambo geezer should find out what the brand is worth,been doing some surfing and cannot find the brand value as I am only getting the top 200.Nipping out to take Modog for his nightly walk.


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