Hot Wheels Ford Focus RS

You have to look waaaayyy back to around 1994 to see the last hot Ford RS model within the Matchbox 1-75 range – that was MB52 Escort RS Cosworth.

Telling times and a massive sign that the matchbox brand is starved of investment and then all of a sudden, Hot Wheels produces this gem in the RS Focus.

As with most HW these days there is ample room for adding additional detail such as rear lights, and you could even go as so far as to paint the rear spoiler matt black. Also look at the RS badging – a nice touch I think.

IMHO, I think that this a fantastic casting. Beautifully done and just the right amount of detail for enable it to sell at the CHF2.70 price point, but yet be able to be put on display as well.

I was thinking about sending this one back to the UK to join his fellow HW’s but I am tempted to add this to the work desk car park.

What annoys me the most is that this is a prime candidate for the 1-75 range from Matchbox. Instead we get generic BS and other old castings for 2012…….WAKE UP MATTEL, FFS!



One thought on “Hot Wheels Ford Focus RS

  1. Come on Keith,you need to show case this on the MCCH.HW can produce something worth buying and best MB can do is some old ambulance painted by hippies and probably for the old hippies who seem to frequent the MB pages as when they post they are wearing rose tinted specs and singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.


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