What colour do you want your next Matchbox Ute?

|One of the better castings from Matchbox of late – and has been cast in few colours to date – so far I note red, blue, green and purple.

Below is the official Holden colour guide for the Series II VE Ute – and the 2012 range has the VE Ute still within the range – what colour should they choose? My money is on the yellow. But with the so-called design team in Mattel smoking far too much Rastafarian Old Holborn, who knows what garish scheme they are going to come up with……


5 thoughts on “What colour do you want your next Matchbox Ute?

  1. I would be more than happy with any of them but quite like the sizzle.I really like this casting and would enjoy any color apart from silver.

    Probably the last Matchbox I bought and then they started smoking the baccy.


  2. I would like to see the black or a very very dark (almost black) charcoal colour and without the hideous tampo prints they seem to be so fond of lately


  3. Careful being negative about fatmans holy grail Matchbox will get you into all sorts of trouble.

    The Anorak brigade led by the famous DT and supported by his small but very loyal band of sad barstools cannot see nothing wrong with the waccy baccy tampos.


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