Bburago’s 1/43 Nissan R35 GT-R


So welcome to the first of my many blogs on the 1/43 Bburago range I have started to acquire/collect.

As mentioned before on previous blog, these are the closest thing I can find as a modern day equivalent of the Matchbox SuperKings – and great for re-creating some stunt work as well!

Most of the models represent the real life car crudely well – take for example the R35 Skyline GT-R below. There is just enough tampo-ing to keep it going on the respectable side, but the wheels are just shocking. The car might have looked better with just the standard Bburago wheels that have been seen on many.

This is not something I would have readily on display – far from it – I have got Ebbro’s filling up the Garage for that purpose. But as a toy and the price point of CHF3.90, it is goof VFM – you can’t really go wrong.



One thought on “Bburago’s 1/43 Nissan R35 GT-R

  1. I think Im repeating myself but I bought 2 Bburago the other day and I'm impressed at how the brand has kept its identity under Maisto ownership, even getting some old Maisto castings to be sold under the Bburago brand.

    To me, that exemplifies you can actually keep 2 diecast brands different under the same owner, and makes the Matchbox situation under Mattel look even worse.


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