Prefering not to comment…..even though the hard evidence is there –

Post on the MCCH about the MB brand:

Seems like the regulars who still believe have gone very quiet…..I am amazed that this topic/article has not provoked more debate, but thinly disguised comments as “interesting”…..this tells me that the faithful have read, but do not want to accept as usual. Even his Lardship Curtis has bothered to make a reply….!

As per my previous blog this week, this is a brillaint topic to stimulate mooting and challenge Mattel – yet the folk on the MCCH must tow the line and dare not question.

Sad state of affairs…..and why – IMO – the MCCH is now suffering from a lack of spirit and debate.


2 thoughts on “Prefering not to comment…..even though the hard evidence is there –

  1. You cannot comment when you hardly have any posters,he who ate the pies has lost the majority of his posters because of his over zealous liberal admins who in real life are probably jobsworths.The specsavers brigade will still be waiting for batch d to arrive when Matchbox are no longer made in singles.Wait to you see there comments when nothing special is around for 2013 as if your average toddler would be interested anyway.
    Hobbytalk also has nothing to add to the thread I placed on there but that site tends to be more towards the other makes which suits me as puke talk that spews out of the others bores me silly.If I read another thread about tints or shades.for gods sake the painter was not spot on with his mix of color.


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