Come and join in the discussion –

I really want this forum to succeed:

Brad Collins has taken the time and trouble to create this forum where you can discuss Matchbox stuff freely without the ogre of a zealous moderator (yes, that is you Fat B’std Mark Curtis) clamping down on anything that seems “controversial”.

A forum for collectors by collectors.

Please take the time to register and join in the conversations and debate.

And so far not one topic about shade variations. will also fully endorse this forum.

MCCH – game on.


3 thoughts on “Come and join in the discussion –

  1. Thanks mate, I appreciate the glowing endorsement.
    Lets hope everyone joins us as there is a world of knowledge out there in the heads of some very wise collectors and I would like to see that knowledge shared for all to learn and enjoy


  2. We can make this the best area to talk toy cars anywhere on the net.Crikey my ink for writing this has a different shade.Lmao


  3. This is possibly one of the most important forum created Brad – I am very disappointed with Hobbytlak, BUT this is more geared for R/C an such than MB.

    Already Fb'd, tweeted and there is a link on this blog –

    It will be interesting to see how many from the MCCH will join….


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