An oldie, but still a classic

I do get to see some cool stuff when nipping across the border from time to time.

This beauty was spotted at Hiebers this evening.

I love the Unimog – Germany’s Land Rover on steroids. And this one seems to still be used every day despite being 40-odd years old.

Which also reminds me that a Unimog was always present within the Matchib range both in 1-75 range and SuperKings. Timely reminder to buy a copy of one?


One thought on “An oldie, but still a classic

  1. A customer of mine has just bought a similar Unimog complete with Hiab loader,he bought an industrial building that had been taken down in the West Midlands,used the Uni to load it onto trailers and taken back up to North wales,once planning permission is granted he is putting the building back up on some land he owns and renting the building out as 4 small units.It about the same age as yours in the pic and he gave £8500 for it which he said was a good buy as similar sell for near on £15000.It has done 4000 hours work since new.


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